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Creating an Anonymous Online Survey

There are a variety of tools that can help instructors create an anonymous online survey. Such software may be used to gather formative feedback on student learning, conduct midterm course evaluations, or pose other survey-like questions. The tools described below allow the instructor to customize their survey and select from a variety of question types, such as multiple choice, free text, and more. Below are some sample questions that can be developed for these surveys. Please keep in mind that these programs can also be used to create non-anonymous surveys and assessments, and you can switch between anonymous and non-anonymous modes.

Canvas @ Yale

Canvas is the official learning management system at Yale University which instructors use to post course information for students. The Canvas “Quizzes” feature can be utilized to develop an anonymous online survey through the following: 


Instructors can use Yale Qualtrics software to design anonymous surveys and send the survey link to students or post the link to their Canvas course site. 

Google Forms

Google Forms can also be used to design anonymous surveys. Below are a few helpful guides. 


SurveyMonkey can also be used to develop surveys. A basic version is available for free. SurveyMonkey have curated tips on how to develop Education Surveys on their website.