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Make Video or Audio Clips

Short audio or video clips can help illustrate a key point in a lecture, or support an argument in a presentation or media assignment.  In some cases, particularly if the original media is in a less common format, such as VHS, audio tape, or laser-disc, professional assistance might be required.


1. Staffed Clip Capture Service: for faculty only for course materials. A service of the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning.

Clips creation for course materials for faculty, processed by the Yale Broadcast Studios in the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)is available to create clips from DVD or VHS sources for use in course presentations,  course related research, and review materials for students. A course number must be provided on the form. Clips can be exported to formats for presentation software (such as PowerPoint or Keynote), online viewing for student review through the learning management system, and/or set-top DVDs for in-class viewing. We are happy to consult with you to discuss the best option for distributing your material. Please fill out the online clip capture form to begin the process. You will need to provide a course number when the request form is submitted. Time codes for the captures need to be filled out on the form along with a short scene description. Once you have obtained the DVD, VHS or other source material from the Film Study Center and filled out the online form, please bring the source material to the CTL, 301 York St.

Fill out the Online Clips Request Form

After completing the Online Clips Request Form, deliver the source material to the CTL, 301 York St. and the CTL staff will begin processing your request.  If you require additional assistance, contact clips@yale.edu.

Requests should be made at least ten business days prior to the date the clips are needed in order to guarantee on-time completion of the capture. If you are submitting the request fewer than ten business days before the clips are required, please contact clips@yale.edu to make a special request. There is no guarantee that the order can be fulfilled on time but every effort will be made to meet course required deadlines.The CTL will provide an estimated completion date when the job is submitted. 

This service is for the creation of short video clips – not entire films – for use in courses and research at Yale. This is not a duplication service.

Copyright: All clip capture users must verify that they have obtained copyright permission to distribute copyrighted materials or that the requested materials fall under fair use in accordance with Title 17, Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law


Using time-based media in a lecture or presentation has many benefits: Provide authentic material for use in a lecture or presentation support key arguments using time-based media in its original form, rather than a text surrogate provide a target for commentary and analysis

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