Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Our Staff

Elena Kallestinova
Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Writing
Area: Tutoring, Writing, Graduate Writing
Phil Kearney
Broadcast & Distribution Solutions Manager
Area: Broadcast and Media, Media
Savan Kharel
Helmsley Postdoctoral Scholar
Area: Teaching, STEM
color photo of Trip Kirkpatrick in a shirt and tie
Senior Instructional Technologist
Area: Technology, Educational Technology
Andy Koss
Production Assistant
Area: Media, Broadcast and Media
Area: Graduate and Postdoctoral Development
Area: Graduate and Postdoctoral Development
Kaury Kucera
Associate Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development
Area: Teaching, Graduate and Postdoctoral Development
Experimental Pathology Graduate Student
Area: Graduate Writing
Area: Graduate and Postdoctoral Development
Eleazar Lanzot
Senior Administrative Assistant
Area: Administration
Instructional Technologist
Area: Technology