Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Technology Pilots

The CTL works with the campus community to initiate change and explore new technologies that improve the teaching and learning landscape at Yale. Multiple groups on-campus work to identify, test, and implement these technology solutions. Below is information about current pilots and the results of archived pilots:


We are happy to announce the Beta Release** of our newly developed Sign-Up tool in Canvas, based on the functionality provided by the Sign-Up tool in Classes*v2. We are releasing this tool as a Beta so that we can allow users like yourself to test out the tool and provide us with your input to ensure that the final version of the Sign-Up tool is built to meet the needs of our community. ** A beta release is a preliminary release of a product to the community to get feedback and input from users to be used to enhance the tool for a final release.
Blackboard Ally will automatically generate alternative accessible formats of your teaching content shared in Canvas @ Yale, including Semantic HTML, audio, ePub, and electronic braille.
Yale will conduct a pilot evaluation of the software system Turnitin for use in courses across the University this academic year. Turnitin is a tool to help faculty and students develop and evaluate written scholarship.


The fall 2015 pilot of Canvas, a learning management system, included 71 courses from across Yale’s varied academic departments and schools. More than 2,100 students and 100 instructors participated. Yale selected Canvas as its new LMS and it will support all active courses by summer 2017.
In 2014, Yale commissioned a report to analyze the landscape of video-related services at the University. This report ultimately resulted in the pilot of Panopto. Several faculty members participated in the pilot to evaluate Panopto as it relates to: ease of use, video creation and curation, and accessibility.