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Additional Model Papers

Enjoy these additional papers, most of which were collected in 2006 and 2007.

Additional Paper Categories

English 114

“The Curiosity of Humanity”
by Michael Rodriguez ’10
English 114: Writing Seminars 1
Professor Suzanne Young

“The Corrective Lens of Satire”
by Benjamin Solarz ’09
English 114: Writing Seminars 1
Professor Alfred E. Guy Jr.


by Allison Battey ’08
English 454: Nonfiction, Voice and Structure
Professor Fred Strebeigh

“Breaking Rock”
by Paul Gleason ’06
English 469: Adv. Non-Fiction: At Home in America
Professor Anne Fadiman

“Mid-winter Walk on the Beach”
by Kathryn Mathis ’07
English 248: Nature Writ. in Britain & the Colonies
Professor Linda Peterson

“17 Genesis”
by Isaac Selya ’08
English 450: Daily Themes
Professor Bill Deresiewicz

“La Barbieria”
by Edward Scheinman ’07
English 469: Adv. Non-Fiction: At Home in America
Professor Anne Fadiman

“Reindeer Bells”
by John Thornton ’09
English 120: Reading & Writing the Modern Essay
Professor William Broun


“The Samuel and Mary Attempted Piracy: A Case Study of Piracy Law”
by Michael A. Gousgounis ’06
History 416: Venice & The Mediterranean, 1400-1700
Professor Francesca Trivellato

“Lollard Bible Translation: Language and Intellectual Privilege”
by Louisa Inskip
History 406: Medieval Heresy and Inquisition
Professor Brian Noell


“Harmony of the Flesh: The Primitivist Poetry of Disgrace”
by Samuel Ayres ’09
English 328: Fiction Without Borders
Professor Shameem Black

“Narration and Restoration in Austen’s Mansfield Park”
by Anastasia Eccles ’07
English 305: Austen, Bronte and 20th Cent. Women
Professor Katie Trumpener

“Creation, Destruction, and Stasis in Three Poems by Shelley”
by Noah Lawrence ’09
English 249: Eng Lit & the French Revolution
Professor David Bromwich

“A-Foot and Under-Foot: Peripheries and the Footnote”
by Catherine Reilly ’08
Literature 142: World Literature
Professor Barry McCrea

“The Convergence of Identity and Experience: Democracy in ‘Song of Myself’”
by Alexandra Schwartz ’09
English 127: Intro American Literature
Professor Elizabeth Dillon

“The Collapse of Difference in Stoppard’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead”
by Maria Spiegel ’09
English 129: The European Literary Tradition
Professor Andrea Walkden

“Reason and Madness, Modernity and Antiquity in King Lear and Don Quijote”
by Joshua Tan ’09
Directed Studies: Literature
Professor Charles Hill

“Knocking Down the Puppet Show: Dangerous Readers in Cervantes’ Don Quixote”
by Katy Waldman ’10
Directed Studies: Literature
Professor Richard Maxwell

“Heart and Soul”
by Meredith Williams ’09
English 125: Major English Poets
Professor Leslie Brisman

“Love Overheard”
by Tian Ying “Tina” Wu ’08
English 125: Major English Poets
Professor Matthew Giancarlo

Natural Science

“Reconstructing Calamites: Building Giants from Fragments”
by Alena Gribskov ’09
E&EB 171: Collections of the Peabody Museum
Professor Leo Buss

“Infants’ Use of Kind Information in Object Individuation: Developmental Implications”
by Elizabeth Rawson ’07
Psychology 140: Developmental Psychology
Professor Frank Keil
TF Deena Skolnick

“Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research”
by Jurist Tan ’09
Biomedical Engineering 090: Stem Cells: Science & Politics
Professor Erin Lavik


“Feel Like a Natural Human: The Polis by Nature, and Human Nature in Aristotle’s The Politics”
by Laura Zax ’10
Political Science 114: Intro to Political Philosophy
Professor Steven Smith
TF Justin Zaremby


“Ignoring the Call to Murder: The Evolution of Surrealist French Cinema”
by Christopher Adler ’09
Film 240: World Cinema
Professor Dudley Andrew

“That Make the Strong Heart Weak”
by Justin Jannise ’09
Film 099/Literature 099: Film and the Arts
Professor Dudley Andrew

“The Photograph: A Personal Exploration”
by Hannah Shearer ’09
Film 099/Literature 099: Film and the Arts
Professor Dudley Andrew