Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

How to Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation using the Yale WCOnline Schedule here.

First, create an account to access the online scheduler.

Next, login to the schedule and select the consultant and hours that match your needs. We have consultants who specialize in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities with consultation hours throughout the week – a consultant’s field will appear next to their name at the left of the schedule.

Then, click on the available appointment, complete the form, and save your appointment. We ask you to explain what you would like to work on during the appointment; take advantage of the space to list where you are in the writing process and what you want the consultant to focus on.

You may upload your written work (or the presentation) you wish to discuss at that time or do it at a later point before your appointment.

You will receive a confirmation and a reminder about your appointment by email.