Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Eligibility and Services

Graduate consultationParticipating departments include all Ph.D. and Master’s Programs administered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Yale Professional Schools. We also provide limited consultations to junior faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, postgraduate associates, and visiting scholars not affiliated with the GSAS.

Sign up for one 30-minute session or one hour-long session per week for as many weeks as you need. If your document is 10-20 pages double-spaced, please book an hour-long session; for documents 10 pages double-spaced or less, you may choose between a 30-minute or hour-long session depending on your needs. If you want consultation services in excess of this limit, contact Elena Kallestinova to seek permission to use extra time.

We are happy to work with you on:

  1. Dissertation prospectuses
  2. Dissertation chapters or theses
  3. Research papers or journal articles
  4. Research or personal statements for a fellowship application
  5. Conference abstracts or presentations
  6. Coursework or class assignments

We are ready to help you at any stage of the writing process from an outline to the final draft. Writing consultants can work with you on clarity and coherence, discuss the development of your argument, and offer strategies to strengthen your structure or express your voice. They can also help you with your paragraph and sentence structure and work with you to improve your grammar.

If you need assistance with your curriculum vitae and other career materials, please contact the Office of Career Strategy. If you need help with your teaching portfolio or your teaching statement, schedule a consultation with the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning.