Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Graduate Writing Consultant Program

Who are Graduate Writing Consultants?

Graduate Writing Consultants at the Graduate Writing Lab are self-motivated, talented students who are interested in helping other graduate students develop their academic writing skills and who want to bolster their own writing, reviewing, and consulting skills.

Writing Consultants lead between 4 - 6 individual writing consultations per week and facilitate small (4 - 6 people) peer-review groups focused on dissertation writing, fellowship application writing, or research paper writing. Writing Consultants provide feedback to students’ writing and discuss strategies to make their writing better. In addition, Consultants assist with Graduate Writing events and writing retreats. Consultants are provided training through group sessions, as well as through bi-weekly meetings and collaborative group projects throughout the academic year.


This is an outstanding opportunity for graduate students to become experts on academic writing and develop their consulting, teaching, mentoring, leadership, communication, and administrative skills. Students who have worked in the Writing Lab are competitive candidates for academic, publishing, editing, administration, and writing center positions.

Writing Consultants work 5 - 7 flexible hours per week, and are able to schedule their consultation or peer review group offerings according to their needs. 

We advertise open positions in March through the GWL weekly electronic newsletter, sent to all registered graduate students, or when an opening occurs. Writing Consultant positions are highly competitive.


1. Applicants must be full-time PhD students, registered with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and in good standing for the 2017-18 academic year.

2. Preference is given to students in years 3 through 5 of their degree program and who are interested in working in the Writing Lab for more than one year.

3. All applicants must be in residence in the New Haven area for the academic year of their appointment.

4. All selected candidates are required to participate in group training during the third week of May, end of August, and in weekly training sessions throughout the academic year.


1. Excellent written communication and academic writing skills.

2. Interest in enhancing public speaking and teaching skills.

3. Experience in making presentations for small and large audiences.

4. Teaching and/or tutoring experience; teaching writing-focused classes is not required but is a plus.

5. Ability to work one-on-one on longer projects.

6. Proficiency with English grammar.

7. Experience in writing and publishing academic work, as well as submitting fellowships or grants.

8. Proficiency with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Excel; experience using video conference software Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom.

9. Interest in interdisciplinary topics.

10. Ability to work as part of a team.

Primary Contact 

For questions, please contact Elena Kallestinova, PhD, Director of the Graduate Writing Lab at the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning.