Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Record your Lecture or Presentation

Known as “lecture capture,” this method automatically records your lecture or presentation for viewing via canvas, or through any web browser. Typical recordings include video of the presenter, a screen capture, and audio all played back simultaneously. Schedules can be set up as a one time event, or on a reoccurring basis with content automatically delivered. Lecture capture can be done anywhere however, there are several preconfigured rooms. Below is the list of rooms that are already fitted with the cameras for Lecture Capture:

Center for Teaching and Learning, CTL 121
301 York St.
New Haven, CT

25 Science Park, Room 125
150 Munson Street
New Haven, CT

Erza Stiles College, ESC 110
320 York Street
New Haven, CT  

Osborne Memorial Laboratories, OML 202  
165 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT

Sterling Chemistry Lab, SCL 160 & SCL 110
225 prospect Street
New Haven, CT

MacMillan Center, Luce 101
34 Hillhouse Ave,
New Haven, CT

Rosenkranz Hall 05  
115 prospect Street
New Haven, CT

Bass Center, Bass 305
266 Whitney Ave
New Haven, CT

Becton Center, MC035
10 Prospect St.
New Haven, CT 



The most cited benefit of lecture capture is the ability of students to review lecture content outside of class. This can help with review of complex material, and create more engagement in classrooms as detailed note taking by students can be performed later with the recording.

Students have the ability to stop, start and rewind difficult parts of a lecture, allowing them time think over the content before continuing.

Faculty and instructors have also benefited from reviewing their own lecture recordings to help identify areas of improvement.

When faculty have a full semester recorded, they can use the material to flip their classroom, or have a back up lecture session already available in case of class cancelation.

How to Get Support 

To get started, request a consultation with CTL staff to explore the various options and services available.