Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Organize / Manage your Teaching Resources

Managing any collection of digital files (documents, audio recordings, video files) can be a daunting task, particularly as the collection grows into the hundreds and thousands. The most common scenario involves the management of images, particularly digital photos. CTL staff can help faculty and students organize, annotate, comment on and publish and share images and sets of images.


As the number of images or other digital assets in a teaching or research collection grows, it becomes necessary to develop a scheme that will help you organize, manage, annotate and export these items. Common scenarios include:

  • selecting images from a collection based on specific search criteria, and then importing them into a PowerPoint presentation
  • identifying images form a collection, and sharing that subset with students for study purposes
  • Sharing a subset of a collection online with collaborators, for the purpose of scholarly study or addition of metadata.

How to Get Support 

A variety of solutions are available, depending on your need. Box, Dropbox and Google Drive can be used to store and organize many types of content. Flickr and Picasa are easy to use solutions for managing images, while tools such as Extensis Portfolio, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Bridge are optimized for images with associated metadata. Contact the CTL to get started.