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Media Equipment Checkout

If you are in need of a particular technology for a project or assignment, or simply want to try something out to evaluate its potential use in teaching and learning, consider borrowing a device from the Bass Media Equipment Checkout (BMEC).


The Bass Media Equipment Checkout (BMEC) provides high-quality, “prosumer” models of digital media equipment for the Yale Community. Currently, the program has several models of camcorders, two models of audio recorders, several mics (studio and wireless), mic stands and cords, various Mac adapters, three models of still cameras, several tripods, and a light kit. New equipment is constantly evaluated and added to the program, and most equipment is replaced on a 3-year replenishment cycle. For a complete listing, please see the Reservations page.Technologies include audio and video recorders, camera, digital tablets, and numerous accessories. Anyone who is has a valid NetID, password, and Yale email address is welcome to use the equipment. Services (such as consultations) are also limited to the Yale community. Academic projects are given first priority, followed by Yale-affiliated projects, and lastly, personal projects. During heavy traffic times (mid-terms, finals), you may be asked to confirm the nature of your project.

How to Get Support 

Use the links at the right to request a consultation, or visit the service pages directly.

Additional information can be found on the Mobile at Yale site.