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Drop-In: Residential College Math/Science Tutors

Residential College Math/Science Tutors

 Residential College Tutoring Begins Sunday January 22th, 2017

Sean Colvin

College: Calhoun
Office: Basement Napier Room ; Tel: NA
Office hours: Tue 7-10 PM, Wed 7-9 PM
Directions: Closest entry is gate on Elm St. Proceed down to basement through dining hall entryway.

Christopher Davis

College: Davenport College
Office: N-13 or Seminar Room 215; Tel: 2-0552 (DC)
Office hours: Sun 8-11 PM, Wed 7-9 PM
Directions: From the main gate on York St walk across the lawn to the opposite building, and enter through the far right door (Faculty Offices). My office N-13 will be right in front of you. From N-13 to Seminar Room 215: Turn left and proceed through the door at the far end of the corridor. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor. Upon reaching the 2nd floor the seminar room is immediately to the right.

Katherine Farley

College: Branford College
Office: Mendel Room, Tel: 2-0529
Subjects: BIO 101,102,103,104, MCDB, MBB, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Office hours: Sun 7-10 PM, Thu 7-9 PM
Directions:  The Mendel Room is in the archway to the right of Entryway K.

Han Aung

College: Morse College
Office: Seminar room near main gate , Tel: NA
Office hours: Mon 8-10 PM, Wed 8-11 PM
Directions: The seminar room is immediately to the right when entering the main gate near the Yale Bookstore.

Christopher Shugrue 

College: Saybrook College
Office: On Sun in SY P-11; Tel: 2-2774;

           On Thu in SML 116 D  in Center for Teaching and Learning

Office hours: Sun 7-10 PM  in SY P-11,  Thu 8-10 PM in SML 116 D
Directions: In SY- Closest entry is SY gate near the corner of Elm St. and High St. Once in the courtyard Entryway P is on the far side slightly to the left, up a short flight of steps. Knock on the door of Entryway P and the tutor will let you in. The tutor’s office is the room to the left of the entryway, but you will not be able to knock on the window because of the ‘moat’.

                 In SML: Closest entry- SML entrance on York St, across from Toads. 

Paula Calvo, Yen Tran

College: Silliman
Office: SM 415
Subjects: ECONOMICS,
Office hours: Wed 8:15-10:15 PM, **Sun 8:00-11:00 PM**
Directions: Enter SM via the gate on College St. Proceed to the lower level of the courtyard and turn left. At the corner, take the large entryway and go up the stairs to the 4th floor. The access to 419 is to the right, between the stairs and the elevator.

Archer Hamidzadeh

College: Jonathan Edwards
Office: JE Seminar Room L-23
Office hours: Tue 8-11 PM, Thu 7-9 PM
Directions: The tutors office is Entryway L up the flight of stairs.

Chuan Du

College: Trumbull College
Office: Basement Room 29 near Entryway G ; Tel: 2-8875 (TC)
Office hours: Sun 8-11 PM
Directions: Enter via the TC gate on Elm nearest to York St. Turn left, go straight past dining hall to find Entryway G on left. Access the basement through this Entryway. Turn right in the basement and find Room 29.
Alternate location: Room 26 in basement and Seminar Room 204. Seminar room 204 is near the TC Library. Go through the gates of Trumbull College on Elm Street closest to York Street to the dining hall entrance (first entrance on your right). Go through the big double doors, up the stairs on the right and then straight down the hall. The seminar room will be on the left (it is just down the hall from the library).

Daisuke Adachi

College: Allocated to work in Center for Teaching and Learning
Office:  SML 116 D
Office hours: Mon 7-10 PM
Directions: Closest entry- SML entrance on York St, across from Toads. 




About the Program



Residential College Mathematics and Science Tutors only work with Yale College Undergraduates.


  • Get help when you are struggling with a concept
  • Assess how deeply you comprehend the material
  • Talk to the tutors about research opportunities
  • Talk to the tutors about graduate school or careers in their field of study

When should I visit the Residential College Math & Science Tutors?

  • Early! Get to know the various tutors before you feel like you really need help.
  • When you are struggling with a concept.
  • When you are trying to assess how deeply you comprehend the material.
  • When you feel stuck on problem-solving.
  • To talk to the tutors about research opportunities. To talk to the tutors about graduate school or careers in their field of study.

How should I use tutoring?

To get the most out of your time with a tutor, prepare ahead for the session. The tutor will ask what you want to work on, so come knowing what you want to accomplish with the tutor. You might come…

  • To work through a question on a problem set
  • To review for a test
  • To talk through a concept you covered in lecture, lab, or reading
  • To organize class material and create study tools

Take advantage of the academic resources available to you at Yale by dropping-in to a tutoring session at any residential college where tutors have been scheduled - no appointment is needed. Tutoring is available in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Geology & Geophysics, Mathematics, MB&B, Physics, and Statistics. Tutors may be able to help in areas outside their immediate specialization.

For updates on tutoring schedules send an email to kailasnath.purushothaman@yale.edu with the word “subscribe” in the subject line. Notifications will be sent out to keep you informed about changes.

To be removed from our list, please send an email with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line.