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Mentor Bios

Meet our Academic Strategies Peer Mentors!

Eva Albalghiti

Eva is a senior in Davenport College from the Washington, D.C. area. She is majoring in Environmental Engineering and conducts research on nanomaterials at the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. Outside of school, she dances with A Different Drum Dance Company and Yale Dance Theater, and rings the bells in Harkness Tower with the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs. Eva is very excited to work with the Academic Strategies Program to develop resources that help Yale students take full ownership of their education.

Nathaniel Barbour

Nathaniel is an intensive physics major in Morse College. He works in the lab of Dr. Charles Baltay studying Type Ia supernovae for the purpose of better understanding dark energy. He loves the ocean, is passionate about climate change, and hopes to dedicate his life to the cause of developing magnetic confinement fusion reactors to secure a clean, sustainable source of energy.

Luna Beller-Tadiar

Luna Beller-Tadiar was born in Manila, Philippines but grew up under Bay Area eucalyptus trees and New York City pigeon droppings. She is an interdisciplinary creature confused by disciplinary majors, and her ideas about her own major have included Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Ethnicity, Race, and Migration; and Architecture, though she thinks she’s finally settled on Literature. Luna enjoys all forms of the arts (including the martial ones!) and can be most often found in a handstand, attempting to apply Academic Mentor strategies to her own stressing out, or furtively doodling her fellow residents of academia. She’s very excited be part of a new program that doesn’t take for granted students’ comfort in an academic environment, and she’s thrilled to meet a diversity of students and hear their different hopes, anxieties, joys, and challenges. When not working as an Academic Mentor, she can be found in the center as a Writing Partner, or in a hammock in the blissful, far-off grasslands of TD. In all locations she is more than happy to embarrass herself speaking Spanish or French with you, as long as you don’t laugh (too hard) at her rusty grammar.

Mary Chandler Gwin

Mary Chandler is a junior in Saybrook from Chattanooga, TN and is majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. Outside of classes, Mary Chandler is a member of A Different Drum Dance Company and Yale Dance Theater. She is thrilled to be working with the Academic Strategies Program and to help Yale Students feel more confident in their abilities in the classroom.

Sarah Pearl Heard

Sarah Pearl (or SP) Heard is a junior in Ezra Stiles college from Eastern North Carolina. She is an English major, with a focus on creative writing and journalism. She is also a member of the contemporary African dance group Dzana, in addition to dancing ballet and salsa. She is amateur photographer and model whose work can occasionally be found in various shows on campus.

Ayotunde Ifaturoti

Ayotunde Ifaturoti is a junior from Princeton Junction, New Jersey majoring in psychology. Her main interests are in the psychology of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping. She is an associate editor of Broad Recognition, one of Yale’s premier feminist publications. She also has worked as a research assistant in the Cognition & Development Lab and the Intergroup Relations Lab, both in the psychology department. Besides these interests she loves writing, specifically screenwriting, and making short films, photography, fashion, and photography.

Lionel Jin

Lionel is a junior in Calhoun, majoring in MCDB and Computer Science. He enjoys teaching and served as an instructor at the 2016 Yale Young Global Scholars Program in Singapore. He also taught at his high school between his military service and college. At Yale, he served as Editor-in-chief of the Yale Scientific Magazine, and is also involved in the Leadership Institute and European Horizons. Lionel enjoys playing the violin, and is always down to watch a movie or a musical.

Jamie Ko

Aloha! I am a senior in Silliman College from Honolulu, Hawaii. I am a premed majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB) with an interest in public health and sociology. I am also in the five year BA/BS-MPH program (Chronic Disease Epidemiology) at the Yale School of Public Health. During my time at Yale, I have had my fair share of academic struggles, and I understand how difficult and frustrating these experiences can be. I am excited to discuss any academic concerns you may have and I look forward to meeting with you!

Sean Moore

Sean is a senior in Davenport College studying Political Science. He transferred to Yale in 2014 as a sophomore from the County College of Morris in northern New Jersey. His interests include prison reform, community reentry for ex-offenders, and first generation college student education.

Sebasian Perez

Sebastian Perez is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies writing his dissertation on the visual and popular culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora. His interdisciplinary work finds its home within the fields of American Studies, Latina/o Studies, Urban Studies, and Cultural Studies. A Mellon Mays fellow and Yale undergraduate (PC ‘10), Sebastian is committed to enriching the intellectual and social lives of students as they navigate the demands of undergraduate life.

Kate Raphael

Kate is a Morse junior from Bloomington, Indiana, the setting of the cycling movie Breaking Away. An Anthropology major following a pre-medical track, she focuses on women’s health and how underserved populations are treated in the healthcare system. Kate runs varsity cross country and track, but makes time for baking, crafting, watching Stranger Things and Parks and Rec, singing folk music, and eating as much ice cream as New Haven has to offer.

Emma Sapat

Emma Sapat is a senior Ethics, Politics, and Economics major in Ezra Stiles college, concentrating in economic inequality and social movements. Originally from Falmouth, Maine, a small town where moose have been known to wander through the gas station, Emma came to Yale in search of slightly warmer winters. When not in class, she enjoys making jewelry, knitting, and baking.

Josh Tranen

Josh Tranen is an American Studies major with a concentration in queer literature, theory, and culture. At Yale, he tutors in the Writing Center, edits the Weekend section of the Yale Daily News and interns with the Yale University Press. In his free time, Josh reads and writes creative nonfiction.

Alejandra Trujillo-Elizalde

My name is Alejandra Trujillo-Elizalde and I am a junior in Saybrook College majoring in sociology. From San Diego, CA where I spent last semester on a leave of absence working as a research assistant at UCSD and as a political canvasser. Here at Yale I am involved at La Casa, where I have worked as a staff member and been part of MEChA (La Casa’s social justice organization). Last summer I worked as a counselor for FSY, helping ease the transition of 60 Yale students into college, and I am excited to be able to continue this work in a different capacity as an academic mentor.