Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching as Research Program

Teaching as Research (TAR) projects give graduate students, professional students, and postdocs the opportunity to develop curriculum and assessment strategies that address challenges in teaching and improve learning outcomes for students. Projects are implemented through instructor partnerships at Yale. The CTL will network those interested in doing a TAR project with faculty members who welcome these partnerships or experience specific challenges in their courses. Alternatively, teaching fellows or scholars may wish to implement TAR projects in their own courses or discussion sections.

TAR Grants

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In Spring Semester, 2017, grants up to $500 will be awarded to graduate students, professional students, and postdocs beginning their TAR projects. Teams of up to four people may apply. Each grant awarded to an individual or team will support a single project. Individuals and teams may only submit one grant application at a time. The application will ask for:

  • Contact information
  • Project Title
  • Project objective and learning objectives for students
  • Course or audience for implementation 
  • Faculty or instructor partner, if relevant
  • Estimated time for completion
  • Plan for dissemination of results, if relevant
  • Proposed budget

The CTL supports all TAR projects with or without a TAR Grants. Please contact Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development, Suzanne Young, with questions.

Recipients of the Digital Education Innovation (DEI) Grant are guaranteed support to continue their DEI projects as TAR projects, specifically through implementation and assessment of their digital education innovation tool or platform.