Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

Apply to be a McDougal Teaching Fellow in the CTL

Are you interested in being a 2017-2018 McDougal Teaching Fellow in the CTL?

Applications to be a 2017-2018 McDougal Teaching Fellow in the CTL are due March 24, 2016.

Please email the following materials to Suzanne Young. Place all documentation into a single pdf file and include your name and contact information.

  1. A listing of your college teaching experience, both formal and informal, to date
  2. A brief (250 word max.) self-assessment of your teaching strengths, strategies, and style
  3. A representative sample of your teaching evaluations (we suggest the most recent)
  4. A description of the teaching development activities (including Yale Teaching Center or CTL workshops and events) in which you have participated.
  5. In addition to providing our on-going programs, CTL fellows develop new workshops and resources for teaching fellows. These initiatives are often aimed at specific departments, disciplines, or topics. Please identify one aspect of Teaching Fellow preparation that you feel needs attention and describe a program or resource that you might develop to address it. Your proposal may include a current program offered by the CTL that needs revision or redirection. (250 words max.)

We will accept additional documents in support of your teaching – a faculty letter, a peer observation report, a YTC or CTL consultation report, etc. – but these are not required. Please include an additional documents in your application packet.