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Journey of the Universe

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Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life

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The Yale Center for Teaching and Learning is offering alumni the opportunity to join Professors Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, as they conduct a private version of their massive open online course (MOOC), Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life. This invitation is being extended exclusively to F&ES and Yale Divinity school alumni. The course will be delivered free of charge as part of a brand new outreach program pilot. The experience will last 6 weeks, starting on May 8th.

Journey of the Universe is one of Yale’s most popular and well-received offerings on Coursera. Through a book published by Yale University Press and an Emmy award winning film, the course weaves the discoveries of the evolutionary sciences together with humanities such as history, philosophy, art, and religion. Journey tells the story of evolution as an epic narrative, and seeks to answer the question: what is our role? Sign up and you will gain a better appreciation for the complexity and beauty of the universe and the Earth during this critical juncture in human history. 

During the course, Professors Tucker and Grim will be joined by several colleagues: the co-creator of the Journey film and book, Professor Brian Thomas Swimme, Matt Riley (lecturer, Yale F&ES and YDS), and teaching assistant Abigail Smith (FES ’18). Together they have committed to engaging with you to ensure a unique and rewarding experience. 

This course is meant for everyone; the only prerequisite is a grand curiosity for both the world around us and the universe beyond. While  there are assessments one can take if they desire to earn a certificate of completion, all are welcome to take the course without the assessments. The purpose of this course is not good grades, but good conversation!  There are a limited number of spots available, so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to enroll. 

For more on the Film and Book this course is based on please visit journeyoftheuniverse.com

Experience Includes:

Journey of the Universe the Book and Film

Members will be given access to the book Journey of the Universe from Yale University Press and the Emmy award-winning film of the same title. 

11 Hours of Recorded Content

Lectures will be assigned on a weekly basis, all course materials will be available upon enrollment and can be completed on your own schedule during that period (much like Netflix).

Live Online Lectures hosted by Shindig

Talk with classmates and ask Professors Tucker, Grim, and Swimme questions on this new and innovative web lecturing Platform!

Private Discussion Forums

Weekly discussions to be led by members of the instructional team.

If you would like to sign up or request further information email us at yaleonlineed@gmail.com

Watch a Brief Introduction to the Course Below!